Official Mammoth Deadlift Rules (Tentative)

1.    A genuine Arsenal Athletics Mammoth Deadlift bar must be used. The bar must be loaded with standard diameter, IPF style, calibrated plates. If calibrated steel plates are not available, gym iron plates may be used but weight must be confirmed for record lifts. Bumper plates are NOT permitted. Weight must be pulled from floor height, approx. 9 inches.

2. A conventional stance deadlift is mandatory. No other stance variation is permitted. Hands must be outside the knees for the entire duration of the lift.

3.    Lift must be completed in a sanctioned event. 60 seconds will be allotted to complete the lift. Lifter can continue to lift until the full 60 seconds are up. There is no limit on number of attempts within allotted time.

4. Mixed-grip, hook grip, straps (including figure 8 straps) and chalk/liquid chalk are allowed. The hand must be closed around the bar. Athletes’ palms must be in contact with the bar at all times. Aside from straps, the lift must be completed “raw”. No deadlift suits or briefs are permitted. No tacky is permitted.

5. Lift is completed when the judge calls “down”. To receive the “down” call, the lifter must be standing erect with knees locked, hips straight, and shoulders behind the bar. After receiving the down call, the bar weight must be controlled to the ground for the lift to count. Competitor can not drop their nominated weight after a failed attempt or a completed attempt.

6. Weight selection, increments, attempt order, and all other parameters will be set by the event coordinator.

Weight Classes TBD:

Records will be recorded separately for Gen1 and Gen2 bars. If a heavier weight is recorded on a Gen2 bar. It will count towards the Gen1 record, but no Gen1 bar lift will count towards a Gen2 Record. due to the increased diameter and stiffness on the newer, Gen2 bars.