GymPro Bar *PRE-ORDER* (Shipping 12/21)


  • Image of GymPro Bar  *PRE-ORDER* (Shipping 12/21)
  • Image of GymPro Bar  *PRE-ORDER* (Shipping 12/21)

A gym bar worthy the Arsenal name?

This general purpose bar is purpose built to withstand the rigors of collegiate and commercial gym use. Strong and self lubricating, with a premium finish and a diameter that everyone can appreciate, this is the only standard barbell you will need. We wanted to make a bar that all atheltes could enjoy and coaches wouldn't dread owning. We think we hit the mark with this one.

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings:
Oil can leak, collect dust, and needs to be reapplied. Our graphite plugged bronze bushings make this bar function completely oil free, reducing maintenance and extending the life of the bar.

Electroless Nickel Plating
Nickel plating offers a thin and even finish that doesn't dull the knurl. Nickle provides better corrosion resistance than even stainless steel and the process preserves the strength of the bar, unlike typical chroming.

45 Pounds
205 PSI Steel
4,000lb+ Capacity (yield strength)
28.5mm shaft
Premium Nickle Finish
Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings
Dual Marked (IWF/IPF)
Dual Snap Ring Closure

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