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Mammoth Deadlift Bar


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  • Image of Mammoth Deadlift Bar
  • Image of Mammoth Deadlift Bar
  • Image of Mammoth Deadlift Bar

10 feet of steel for your pulling pleasure.

29mm shaft
28kg weight
205 PSI Steel
Bronze Bushings
10 foot total length
22.5" Loadable Sleeve
Dual Snap Ring Closure
Electroless Nickel Finish

The Arsenal Mammoth Deadlift Bar offers more flex than any bar on the market and is strong enough to hold up to the biggest pulls, making it the ultimate strongman implement.

After seeing over a dozen 1,000+ pound pulls on our original design, and plenty of room for more weight, we knew it was time to step it up even more. Our new v1.5 bar has the same 205Psi steel, premium finish and bronze bushings as seen at the 2020 Arnold Classic "Party at Pinnacle", but has been beefed up to a full 29mm diameter. Specifically designed for maximum strength and bar flex this

Original Design concept by USAF veteran and Strongman competitor, Marcus Moss.

*Shipping Charges are listed separate to keep those in select states from paying additional sales tax, as tax law differs state to state. Due to the size of this item it must be shipped freight. If you wish to make an order for multiple bars, or have an address outside of the continental United States, please reach out to us via email for a custom shipping quote.

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