Grip Shirt (by Revis Strength)

$35.00 - $39.00

  • Image of Grip Shirt (by Revis Strength)
  • Image of Grip Shirt (by Revis Strength)

Custom BAD Arsenal Grip shirts made by Revis Strength.

Revis Strength is a Texas based, veteran amd athelte owned and operated equipment company. We are proud to be partnered with these great people who share our passion. Their commitment to making the iron game accessible to everyone, without cutting corners, echos our own beliefs.

50/50 Poly-cotton blend
Made with up to 5% recycled polyester from plastic bottles

Image of Arsenal Flag Banner
Arsenal Flag Banner
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Logo Sticker
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Arsenal Army Sticker
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Tandem Deadlift Sticker
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Arsenal Army
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Arsenal Army Full Zip
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Mammoth Tandem Deadlift Tee
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Arsenal PT
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Death Unicorn
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